This is a Javascript restoration of a selected screen from Naranjas (2002) by Julia Masvernat

Naranjas is an interactive animation artwork built in Flash by the argentinian artist Julia Masvernat. I've chosen the “purple level” from the original project and had a try at rewriting it using modern web technologies like ES6 and CSS Animations.

Being a 2002 project, I had to deal with some scenarios that weren't around at the time of its conception, like touch interactions or a much wider diversity of devices and screen sizes. A detailed tutorial of this new media restoration work is coming up soon. Meanwhile, check any of the other works in my personal portfolio.

Restored with ES6 & CSS by Marcelo Terreni

Pink squares shot downwards and upwards by a pink rectangle in the middle
Green and black squares over a white background
Pink squares over a red background
Purple squares getting smaller over a light blue background
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